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for a non-tea party strategy is taking a page from george w. bush's playbook trying to prove electability to national republican donors and republicans across the country and hope he ends up on wednesday morning the front runner of the establishment wing for 2016. the campaign is not hiding the message. look at the release called blue jersey. in the overwhelming democratic garden state, no republican candidate has earned higher than 50% of the vote in 28 years. >> for the republican party that lost last year in the presidential election, for the republican party that lost seats in the u.s. senate, for the republican party that has been disspirited for the last number of months, we need to show the republican party in america that we can win again. guess where they will be watching on tuesday night to see if we win. right here in new jersey. they will be watching us. >> christie is aiming for the widest margin of victory. he racked up a 750,000 vote margin and carried every one of the counties. virginia and new jersey usually vote together. if christie wins and cuccinelli loses, it will be
eight years to 2005 when george w. bush was president and there are a number of nominees to the court that democrats were objecting to, very conservative nominees and there was a big stand still there. there is ultimately a compromise in those judges were confirmed, do we expect that it is going to end up where there will be a compromise here? >> well, that's the issue, i think that for the republican party, right? coming off the shutdown that we just had, the whole government shutdown issue, the republican party took a lot of hits for being obstructionists and unreasonable, and i think the white house and democrats can portray this as another round of that. it will be tough for the republicans. the republicans on their hand, they think this is a -- this is where you draw the ideological lines. these fights for these judges are where a lot of the social battles happen, as you're talking about with the birth control things, things like that. you get the judges in there, that's where you do the actual social conservatism you want to do on the judge level. they try to put those guys in t
that targeted world leaders when he took over the white house from president george w. bush. they say he also would have been told which countries were being targeted in those brifings, but then senior official still insists to cnn that president obama didn't learn until recently. so which of these sources are telling the truth? jim sciutto is out front. >> reporter: administration officials tell cnn the spying of loaders of close allies such as german chancellor angela mergle took place bout president obama's knowledge. a senior official says it's not reasonable to expect that the president would have been involved in or necessarily briefed on decisions about individual intelligence targets. in an interview at the fusion cable network president obama says his administration is reviewing the way it collects intelligence. >> what we've seep over the last several years is their capaci capacities continue to develop and expand. and that's why we're initiating a review that what they're able to do doesn't mean that's what they should be doing. the national security operations generally have one p
the state will have access to abortion care preserved for them. >> crystal, here is a george w. bush judge looking at what this legislature did and saying that it cannot stand. >> yes. and the piece that you highlighted that it was an undue burden, that is the judicial standard and what this judge found is that with a third of abortion clinics in texas likely to close as a result of this law, and no medical reason to require abortion providers to have admitting privileges, it just couldn't stand. what they call these laws is trap laws. essentially what they are is they are not designed to do anything other than force the closure of abortion clinics. in texas and in states across the country, 27 of these states have similar type trap laws where they pretend to be all about women's health but really their only purpose is to try to restrict access to abortion. >> now the attorney general running for governor, listen to an ad he is running now. >> we won't allow texas to be taken over by california style government. we will win this election because the people and values of texas are on our si
for president george w. bush. morell traveled with the president wherever he went and was with him at a florida elementary school on september 11, 2001. >> morell: and what i'm actually standing there thinking is "i wonder how long we're gonna be here" because everybody knows the president was gonna be at this school on this date. and "is somebody gonna fly a plane into this place?" >> miller: morell would travel back to washington with the president. he was busy reviewing early intelligence the c.i.a. had collected, when he was told to look out the window of air force one. >> morell: and what you could see was an f-15 on the wing tip. you could see the pilot's face. and in the background, you could see the still burning pentagon. and that is a memory i'll never forget. >> miller: the c.i.a. launched a plan to dismantle al-qaeda and even today, the single most controversial piece of that strategy was the use of" enhanced interrogation techniques." let me read you a list of some of the techniques that were used by the c.i.a. to get information: waterboarding, hitting, bouncing suspects off walls
to say that george w. bush was all hat and no cattle. i think that could apply to chris christie as well. >> you isolate barbara buono in that debate. sound like she should be scoring points? >> the problem is no one really watched it. >> ah. there is that. okay. >> her challenge the whole time. polls that came out this week, shows there are still 30%, 35% new jersey voters don't know enough about her to form a solid opinion about her. so for all that, she has been out on the campaign trail. trying to make her points. and going on the debate. being aggressive with the governor. his staff whether the campaign side or the governor's office they're skilled at creating the narratives. pull. ing them out through social media. youtube videos. he talks over the news media. he is able to go right around us, go right to his constituents. where we might be presenting a more objective version, one rooted in the facts. such as increases, spending increases, tolls are up. property taxes are up. rebates have been cut. the narrative out of his office that everybody is listening to, sandy or generic lea
george w. bush, quote, nearly five years after leaving office, the nation's 43rd president lives a life of self imposed exile in texas. more interested in painting than politics, recovering from a heart scare, and privately worried about the rise of the tea party. golfing with federal reserve rv out of the public debate. what do you think, what would be the effect of having bush more involved in national politics? is he the compassionate conservative the party might need right now? >> well, i think we'll need new faces. i think the president is a states man, he isn't want to interfere with the current administration. that's a classy thing do. some people can't seem to let it alone. we have a stable full of rising stars in the party that will be competing over the next three years. so this will have to sort out. but there is a fight within the party for the base and that is among the tea party groups and the more establishment groups. we're seeing in virginia the fact that they he haave really been able to get together. >> is that why there is no prominent group of leaders because of wha
data to support this in previous administrations. in 1987 when george h.w. bush was running, ronald reagan was reluctant to support his vice president because bob dole was also running in the republican primary. in 1998, al gore was running in the primary against bill bradley, and bill clinton didn't come out to enthusiastically support his vice president. there's a little bit of history here. but i think the difference here is that hillary clinton is such a huge, huge personality and really the seas will part for her as was mentioned a few mentioned a few moments ago with ch chuck schumer and others. we also know there is a secret letter out there urging hillary to run. so this is different momentum on her side. >> i think skrjoe biden has a l of personality. but just saying. next topic, father knows best. mother jones posted video of ted cruz father saying this about the president. >> we have our work cut out for us. we need to send barack obama back to chicago and back to kenya. >> he also compare the president to karl marx. is this just one horrible series of comments by one man
. it's an out-of-this world and totally adored halloween from george w. bush. this is him trick or treating in new york with his granddaughter mila. shy was dressed up as space cadet. >> mila is george bush's first granddaughter born in april this year to his daughter jenna. the baby is wearing a nasa outfit. under the obama administration it's been cut no shuttle program. >> they have a lot of outfits left. >>> speaking of political statements, the associated press, the organization of largest news organization in the world, i believe, the photo who has covered the president for years came out against the obama administration saying the control over photographs is so tight that in effect it equals propaganda. they have said in the past five years there have been only two photographs allowed in the oval office of the president. >> yes, santiago lion is the director of photograph for the associated press, basically says he has only been allowed into the oval office two times, which, in historically has not been the case. what they do is release the photos from the white house. so
. >> this is morgan freeman. robin williams and george w. bush. you're watching "fox & friends," man. >> frank caliendo. >> he's got more voices in his head than we do. >> i would like to think so, which is hard to imagine. if you take control of the control room, how many people are yelling at you? >> they get me every time. >> coming up, we'll share some of the hundreds of photographs you are e-mailing us of your pet in a halloween costume. >> they're so funny. in the meantime, we're going to go to heather nauert to start with some headlines this morning. >> good morning. steve, you were saying this morning you want to walk on the wild side. try that with heidi klum, see what your wife does. >> let's do that. i did the impractical jokers. you should do howie's show. >> all righty. one minute after the hour. while you were sleeping, michael jackson's former doctor has walked free. conrad murray was released from an l.a. county jail at 3:00 o'clock eastern time today. served two years of a four-year sentence for giving michael jackson that deadly dose of propothol. it was for good behavior, th
-boo. george w. bush and his grandchild. >> that's nice. >> the president looks like he's in college. >> he looks so happy there. >> heidi klum dressed as an older woman. heidi klum with an aarp card. julianna rancid as a real housewife. is that a bandage on her knouse. leon ryan. >> dolly parton as kenny rogers. >> that's cute. did you guys get dressed up? >> we've got pictures from the "fox & friends" crew. first up, this is the guy who greeted the children in my neighborhood. i've got a feeling not many of the kids are coming back next year. what do you want! >> how fast did they run? >> fast enough. >> imitation is the finest form of flattery. do you think your son was happy you dressed up like that? >> he thought it was funny. meanwhile, elisabeth hasselbeck out there in the suburbs of new york city. >> darth vader was taylor. guys, if you take a picture for mommy, she'll stop asking. they were running away from me. they would not pose for the picture. >> brian, your children were dressed as something yesterday; right? >> yeah. take a look. there they are. there they are. they are so c
, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. . >> george w.h. bush, the next election, the 1992 election couldn't have felt farther away. it was the first thing and may be the only thing on the mind of a notorious corner-cutting oertive named lee atwater. atwater had been the mastermind behind bush's 1988 victory. he had been awarded the chairmanship of the national committee. he was thinking how to get his boss reelected. which is why in the fall of 1989, atwater was keeping a close eye on the state of arkansas. everyone in politics knew a democrat bill clinton wanted to run for president. no one took him that seriously. atwater looked at clinton and saw a threat. he saw a young intelligenic southerner, northern liberals led the democratic party to two state national drubbings, the guy can win back the voters at the core of the reagan-bush coalition, a guy under the right conditions could knock off j.w.h. bush in 1982. atwater became up with a plan, a governor's race, clinton would be running for re-election, he would use it as a springboard
the approach here. kind of reminds us of george w. in 1998 when he was running for reelection as governor. but was it really a reelection for governor that was looking at an election for the presidency? >> well, very much difference in texas than in new jersey. texas is solid in our column every cycle. reliable. rick perry's the governor, one of the longest governors there. new jersey's not in our column. even when the governor weighed in on the senate race, we couldn't get it in our column. he's a unique politician in a unique place in history. he brings a lot to the republican party, to the table. but when you leave new jersey, colorado, south carolina, florida, tennessee is not new jersey. so once you move to that bigger stage, people are going to start examining -- >> how will he do that? >> that's going to be difficult. he is a charismatic individual. he's going to win what the demographics are, no matter. once he's a competitor and moves to the next level and once you've been on a presidential campaign and the vans fill up and follow you and you have the real reporters with you, thi
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)